Location and Scenery

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Interesting places

The church of Fajã da Ovelha is said to be one of the most beautifull on Madeira. The lighthouse of Ponta do Pargo with a small museum and historical photographs. Porto Moniz with her natural swimming pools made out of lava. Paúl do Mar, an ancient fishers village with the pebble beach. Jardim do Mar, car free and lots of alleys to explore. Calheta offers you the only golden beach on Madeira as well as a steam driven sugarcane factory at only 10 mins by car. The capitol of Funchal with her amazing botanical gardens and parks.

Walks in the neighbourhood

The house is situated at only 500 meters distance from the Levada Nova which you can follow until Ribeira Brava or Porto Moniz. There are many guides for sale with various walks ranging from easy to very difficult. Below we will mention a few in the vicinity of the house.

At 20 mins by car you will encounter Rabacal, located on the plateau of Paúl da Serra. From there you can choose out of 3 different levada walks. The most famous is the one to 25 fontes.

At 25 mins by car you can reach Ribeira Janela which will take you along a levada through the protected forest of Madeira. It is located in the vicinity of Porto Moniz.

The telegraph path at only 300 metres from the house brings you to Paúl do Mar.

There are many walking guides for sale with various walks ranging from easy to very difficult. Of course there are lots of possibilities and therefore we suggest to purchase a guide as they often contain valuable tips.

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